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About Michele

Michèle Bartlett M.A. is an Integrative Arts Psychotherapist.

Michèle works using different art media as a connection to the 'inner world' of the client.

Michele Bartlett

Art images, clay figures, sand play, puppetry, music and enactment are all explored in terms of their symbolic communication.

Michèle works in private practice with adults and children. She also works with Foster Care agencies, Social Services and schools.

Her work with adults has covered a wide range of issues: relationship difficulties, confidence building, life direction, self-harm, clinical depression and survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse and rape.

Her experience includes providing individual therapy to children with emotional and behavioural difficulties in an educational setting both in mainstream and special schools. She instigated a project in an Inner London primary school facilitating Emotional Literacy and Conflict Management with both small groups and whole class involvement.

Her work with children in the Care System has included therapy with survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence. She specialises in working with children with attachment difficulties and preparation of sibling groups for adoption.

Michèle runs group workshops for both adults and children covering a wide range of issues, from bereavement and change management to rediscovering creativity.

Michèle adheres to the UK Council of Psychotherapy code of ethics and has supervision in accordance with UKCP guidelines. This ensures good working practice and protects your confidentiality.

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